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Vienna is a child-and family-friendly city. Children up to 15 years (with valid ID) on Sundays and holidays may travel free with “Wiener Linien” (metro, bus and tram). Therefore family fun is nothing in the way.

The following information regarding special children & families - attractions:

Children tour of “Schloss Schönbrunn”

This tour is special for children: the 16 children of Empress Maria Theresa are in the center. Then the children can try on costumes from former ages.
The Children's Museum "Schloss Schönbrunn Experience" brings your children close to the life of the children of the imperial court: How did they welcome Empress Sisi properly? For the grand finale, the kids may dress up as princes and princesses.

Schönbrunn Maze, Labyrinth & Labyrinthikon

Fun for the whole family is guaranteed. As once only allowed for the imperial family, you can now stroll with your loved ones at the Schöbrunn maze. Arrived at the destination, you can watch from a platform to others who are "getting lost".
The labyrinth invites with its playgrounds to discover, as well as the Labyrinthikon, a playground with a lot of different attractions.

Marionette Theater at Schönbrunn

Royal entertainment for the whole family! For example Mozart´s "The magic flute".

Schönbrunn Zoo

The Viennese are proud of their zoo, because - it´s a real sensation - the panda bears here feel themselves so well that they have babies. Schönbrunn Zoo is the oldest and one of the most modern zoos in the world. Enjoy with your family to a fun-filled day at the zoo. Watch out your favourite animals, go with the little yellow train to the original Tyrolean farm and have hearty Austrian fare for lunch.

Butterfly House

Marvel share with your family, the light-heartedness with which tropical butterflies flutter past waterfalls and giant trees. With a little luck you can observe at a walk amidst colorful butterflies as they emerge from their cocoons.

Hofburg - Sissi Museum

In the Imperial Apartments young and old can learn everything about the beautiful Empress Elizabeth. Everything about her beautiful clothes, her daring rides on horseback and beauty recipes to follow suit and much more.
Michaelerkuppel Input 1 - opposite the Spanish Riding School in Vienna.

The Vienna Prater

It is a colorful world with more than 250 attractions and fun for the whole family in the middle of Vienna. The Prater is a place of fun and for example the Ferris wheel provides a good view over the city. But if the Viennese speak about the Prater they don´t talk about the ghost train but a 6km ² floodplain. Here already converted Emperor Franz with his Sisi to escape the stress of everyday life. Woods and meadows are here when the weather permits, 10-24 clock for recreation open. Numerous playgrounds and playing fields liven up the atmosphere with the little ones. and

The blue Danube

Aboard on one of the cruise ships of the "Blue Danube waterway" you and your children experience the "big" Danube in all their glory. Special Pirate birthday parties can be organized here, for example. Departure  "Schwedenplatz" and "Handelskai" (Reichsbrücke).


With U1 (“Donauinsel”) easy to access to this oasis for athletes of all kinds (swimming, skating, cycling, sailing, surfing, water skiing, rowing, running, grilling, walking).
Even at the old Danube offers beach baths with large lawns and playgrounds.
If your children want to fly high, we recommend a visit to the “Donauturm”  (Danube Tower), from where you can overlook  Vienna and the area from the 150-meter high observation deck. A great restaurant in a dizzying height you spoiled with culinary delights.

Kids World Oberlaa

Recreation and bathing in the spa Vienna near the pension Kasper. (15 minutes by tram, 5 minutes by car).
The water park with two mini slides, a waterfall and small gargoyles are the attractions for the youngest guests. Throughout the year is the 80 meter Black Hole slide with light and sound effects as a special experience available. Free children's entertainment every Monday and Saturday between 13-18 clock with water games, craft lessons, stories, face painting and much more.

This is just a sample of the many ways that Vienna offers for families with children. Ask for more at the reception.


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