Allergy or food intolerance?

Our baker "Resch und Frisch" also offers gluten-free pastries. If you let us know when you make your reservation or in good time before your arrival, we can order gluten-free pastries especially for you. This is freshly baked on site. This product is not always in stock. Please understand that we need a 2-day advance booking period in order to have this delivered. For short-term bookings, we can get gluten-free pastries from the supermarket free of charge.


Lactose Intolerance

In this case, we can also provide lactose-free milk, yogurt and so on.

Celiac Disease

Our baker "Resch and fresh" also offers gluten-free pastries.
If you inform us by booking, we can order special gluten-free biscuits for you.
This is baked fresh on site.

Dust allergy

The bedspreads and upholstery in our guest rooms are suitable from 100% synthetic and therefore compatible for allergy sufferers. Our rooms have a carpet, also made of synthetic fiber. A private room for dust allergy parquet or laminate flooring is not available.

Pets are not allowed!



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